About Global Count

For our 5th Annual Mobilisation Event, Women’s March Global has partnered with a number of movements and organisations to go further than ever before in global collective action. The Global Count is a poll which will map critical issues facing women in order to redefine how women’s opinions, needs, and perspectives are taken into consideration by governments, institutions and international organisations. Every single woman counts, and should have the opportunity to unite and be counted at this turning point in our world’s history.

About the Global Count Steering Committee?

At the core of this campaign is the coming together and collaboration of like-minded movements and networks. To ensure that this data is extensive and representative enough to inform future efforts to progress gender equality, this project is a joint effort between Women’s March Global as well as various ally movements, organisations, donors, and policy-makers striving to have more impact by responding to hyper-local-level data.

Our core partners are CIVICUS, Girl Up, CARE, White Ribbon Alliance, and Global Fund For Women. Our core distribution partner is Facebook so that we can reach as many women as possible. Our peer reviewers include Kimberlé Crenshaw (African American Policy Forum), the University of Maryland, Impact Mapper, and Plan International.

About Women’s March Global

On 21 January 2017 millions of women and allies around the world, many who would never before have called themselves feminists or women’s human rights defenders, took to the streets because we knew we had to make ourselves seen and heard.

Our mission is to mobilise and assemble the most impactful actions to defend women’s human rights globally.

We are now a network of 100+ Chapters and thousands of Members worldwide who continue to take action every day in our local communities to advance women’s human rights.

Guided by the values of collaboration, radical empathy, and solidarity, we prioritise mobilisation across focus areas to build coalitions with truly grassroots organisers. Our goal is to amplify and support their work.

Women’s March Global’s mission is to mobilise and assemble the most impactful actions to defend women’s human rights globally.

Women’s March Global’s vision is a world where all people acknowledge that our freedom is dependent on one another, and we work together to achieve a just, equitable, and dignified life for all.

The Women’s March Global Unity Principles provide a fleshed out framework for our vision.

“Global Count” is a project of Women’s March Global, Inc.

Women’s March Global, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the USA.


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