Interim Findings from the Global Count

Feminist Movements and Leadership Conclusion

The GC gives a unique insight into the experiences and needs of women and gender-diverse people across the world and lays the groundwork for filling the gaps when it comes to quality data on key issues impacting these groups. What it also offers is an accountability mechanism to ensure policies, funding and programme decisions around key themes that affect women and gender-diverse people’s lives match the lived reality and needs they have cited themselves.

We hope to be able to demonstrate its function as a mechanism to strengthen the AC for Feminist Movements and Leadership’s plans to accelerate gender equality, and to guarantee the efforts of all at the GEF can have lasting and irreversible impacts. Women themselves are the key to understanding how we can tackle gender inequality – now is the time to integrate their voices fully into our efforts to uplift and help all women and gender-diverse people thrive.

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