Glossary and Acronyms

Interim Findings from the Global Count

Glossary and Acronyms



The Global Count (GC) is a global mapping project designed to ensure that individual women’s and gender-diverse people’s opinions, needs, and perspectives inform the Global Acceleration Plans for Gender Equality formed by each Action Coalition (AC) at the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) 2021.


Item Description
Numbers with comma (i.e. 1,230) In line with UK spelling, commas are used to denote thousands.
Action Coalition (or AC) This refers to the coalition of stakeholders driving forward the 6 key areas of the Generation Equality Forum.
Sub Action Refers to the sub actions within each Action Coalition theme.
Bodily autonomy This refers to the right to govern one’s own body and captures wider issues than those just relating to reproductive health, for example, the right to wear religious clothes.
Interim Findings These Interim Findings are a snapshot of what the GC will be able to accomplish over time, as it continues to collect data, analyse, visualise, and translate it into actionable insights.



Acronym Stands for
(the) GC The Global Count
WMG Women’s March Global
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
GEF Generation Equality Forum
AC Action Coalition


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