Interim Findings from the Global Count


The GC, like all surveys, has its limitations. It is an online poll, with the majority of respondents coming through Facebook advertising. And while Facebook has around 2.85 billion active users worldwide, it requires an internet connection and the ability to access a Facebook account. This method of data collection neglects people from countries such as China, Iran, and North Korea where social media, as women and gender-diverse people in those countries cannot access Facebook. Additionally, the survey did not include people without internet access. We are conscious that the responses could be reflecting views, concerns and issues of relatively more empowered women and gender-diverse people in society, neglecting those without access and in hard to reach places.  We recognise these limitations to our Interim Findings, and look forward to a conversation about expanding the GC’s effectiveness, reach, and representation through additional partnerships and networks at the GEF.

It is important to note that this report analyses Interim Findings in the interest of describing what value the GC can bring to the ACs at the GEF. The full results of the poll, with the quality assurance provided by data engineering and analysis, we hope will be ready for release by September 2021. At this stage, the GC is a mechanism with which it is being proposed that the ACs can be held to account on the Global Acceleration Plans for Gender Equality.

Next, we will present the breadth and depth of the data collected thus far from the GC, and provide examples of how this information can inform Global Acceleration Plans for Gender Equality, and hold stakeholders accountable.

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