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Activist, model and writer, Munroe Bergdorf has been named as a key supporter for Women’s March Global’s, the ‘Global Count’, launching today. 

The ‘Global Count’ is the fifth annual event from the leading women’s rights organisation, formed on the back of the protests that took place globally four years ago on 21 January 2017, following Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

The ‘Global Count’ will be the world’s largest-ever global mapping poll ever conducted to document the cultural, economic and social barriers to women and gender diverse people’s progress. It directly addresses data scarcity around women’s rights and the urgent need to better map the critical issues facing women and gender-diverse people across the globe.

The campaign is a collaboration between some of the world’s most respected women’s rights organisations, including Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE), White Ribbon Alliance, CIVICUS, Girl Up, and Global Fund for Women, as well as women’s movements in every country, such as International Planned Parenthood Federation, Arab Institute for Women, World Pulse, and MenEngage.

Bergdorf has lent her voice to the ‘Global Count’ to encourage women and gender-diverse people across all continents to get counted. While we may not be able to march in person this year due to Covid-19, Women’s March Global is raising the alarm that it’s never been more important to have their voices heard.  

Munroe Bergford, Activist, Model and Writer, said: Four years ago, a movement was born. Six million women and allies, on every continent, marched for our rights. And every year since then, with the support of Women’s March Global, we’ve kept marching. But this year, our world looks very different. And women’s voices have never been more critical. That’s why I’m standing in solidarity with my friends and partners for the ‘Global Count’ to ensure that, even if we can’t march, every woman and gender-diverse person, across every continent, will have the chance to be heard. I encourage everyone today to get online and participate in this vital and urgent campaign.”

The ‘Global Count’ campaign video is available now on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These are also available on newly-launched Global Count social channels.

The poll will be distributed by leading technology companies including Facebook and SurveyMonkey, as well as leading organisations including the Malala Fund, taking Women’s March Global’s mobilisation efforts into communities of women that are often hardest to reach. It will actively engage all gender diverse, non-binary, trans women and people who identify as women, from every country, culture and racial background around the globe. The data collected will inform future efforts to progress gender equality, as the ‘Global Count’ redefines how global institutions work towards this common goal. 

The poll has been peer-reviewed by Kimberlé Crenshaw of the African American Policy Forum, and experts from the University of Maryland, Plan International and Impact Mapper 

Kimberlé Crenshaw, American lawyer, civil rights advocate, and peer-reviewer of the ‘Global Count’, said: Women’s March Global has taken strides to show that the people of the world are stronger when uniting in collective action. The 2021 Global Count gives people a say in the many issues they confront on a daily basis. And while we may not be able to march in person this year, we can still speak as part of a global movement. I urge all people, across all continents, to have their voices counted in this one-of-a-kind survey. 

The ‘Global Count’ will run from 21 Jan (the day of the Women’s March Global anniversary) to 8 March (International Women’s Day). As women and gender-diverse people complete the poll, they will be encouraged to share it with their network with the mobilising call to action: #WeCount. 

Further globally-known spokespeople, celebrity ambassadors and influencers will be announced in the coming days. Please visit the ‘Global Count’ Media and PR Toolkit for additional information.



The ‘Global Count’ has an array of women’s rights activists available for comment about the campaign, including:

  • Uma Mishra-Newbery, Board Member, Women’s March Global (global media)
  • Betsy Scolnik, Board Chair, Women’s March Global (global media)
  • Najet Zamourri, Board Member, Women’s March Global (regional media)
  • Mwanahamisi Singano, Board Member, Women’s March Global (regional media)
  • Chapter Heads across all continents (regional media)
  • Representatives from theGlobal Count’ Steering Committee are available on request.

For further press information about the ‘Global Count’, please contact: [email protected] 

For general information about the ‘Global Count’, please visit:

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